Body Contouring In Virginia – Important Things To Know

The popularity for body contouring has increased tremendously everywhere nowadays. Besides, this procedure is also known as body sculpting. It helps in tightening your skin, eliminating fat and shaping various areas of your body. You can choose either surgical or non-surgical body sculpting according to your requirement. Non-surgical method uses laser for the removal of fat deposits. 

This procedure is known for its shorter recovery period and fewer complications. On the other hand, surgical procedure comes with risks and a longer recovery period. But the results will be more noticeable. You can experience good results even with non-surgical procedure when you approach a treatment centre like Advanced Plastic Surgery Center for Arlington body contouring.

When your skin looks firmer, you will look more youthful. You will be able to do jumping and walking without facing any difficulty. Excess body weight can lower your confidence and make you feel very uncomfortable. With body contouring, you can keep a check to all these problems.

Are there any side-effects for the non-invasive body sculpting?

This treatment does not have any serious side-effects. However, you may experience a little redness and swelling at the treatment site on your body. These side-effects usually go away within 24hrs. 

Treatment Before And After Care


  • Make sure that you arrive the treatment centre at least 30mins before your appointment time. 
  • Your body should be well hydrated before getting this procedure. Maintaining your body hydrated helps in seeing better results after the procedure.
  • You must avoid consuming alcohol and smoking from at least a week before your appointment time. 
  • Avoid applying any lotion or cream on your skin before getting this procedure done. Your skin must be clean. 
  • Eat light before getting this treatment done. 
  • Leave all your valuable items at your home. Carry only those that are essential for you.


  • It is essential to keep your body hydrated even after the treatment. 
  • After the treatment, you may experience nausea. Drink plenty of water and eat light after the procedure to avoid nausea.
  • Use the creams recommended by your specialist daily without fail. 
  • Avoid exposing your skin to sunlight after the procedure at least for a week for better results. 
  • It is essential to apply sunscreen lotion before you step out of your home. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing. 
  • Stay away from junk food. 
  • Take enough rest after the procedure for at least 2 to 3 days. 

People with serious health problems like cancer must discuss with their doctor before trying any such treatment. 

Prince Burnette