How to Look After Yourself During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable times for parents and the entire family. The mother carries the baby for nine months and dreams of a healthy and beautiful baby all the time. At this stage, her body undergoes several changes internally and externally. To address these changes and take every step rightfully, it is advised to always stay in touch with an OBGYN Charleston, who can monitor the progress of the baby and ensure that the mother’s body, hormones and baby’s body are all functioning well. 

Taking care of yourself

While your obgyen suggests and guides you throughout the pregnancy, it is vital to look after yourself and ensure that you do the right things. Some of these ways are discussed below:

Take all supplements and vitamins

The baby requires folic acid for the brain’s development along with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as soon as he comes into your body. Therefore, you must start taking them right from the start of the first trimester. Your doctor will also suggest them along with the schedule to take them. It is highly recommended to adhere to the schedule for the proper growth of your baby.

Stay active and eat well

Unless your doctor suggests you bed rest or move less, you must stay active throughout the pregnancy. If the baby is healthy inside your body, you should normally work in the office and at your home. It will help you in the smooth delivery of your child. Apart from this, eating habits will make a great difference to the health of your baby. You should not eat fried and fast food because it not only hampers the digestive system but also affects the health of your baby badly. It is a good idea to include fresh fruits, juices and vegetables in your diet and eat your meals timely.

Don’t disturb your sleeping cycle 

You should wake up and sleep well on time. It makes your brain healthier and calmer. You should stay away from looking at your phone late at night. Moreover, you should start sleeping on your side as soon as the third trimester starts. Your heart rhythm, blood pressure and brain will remain in good condition if your sleeping habits are good. 

Along with all the above-mentioned steps, you must keep monitoring the baby’s movements. In case, you observe something unusual, you must report it to the healthcare provider on an urgent basis. 

Christenson Pitcher