Hire a Pinched Nerve Specialist In Roswell to Get Relief From Excruciating Pain 

A pinched nerve is when too much pressure is put on a nerve surrounded by tissues like bones, muscles, or tendons. This compression impairs the nerve’s function, resulting in symptoms including discomfort, tingling, weakness pain, or numbness in the injured area or along the nerve pathway. Common causes include repetitive motions, injury, bad posture, or problems like spinal stenosis or herniated discs.

Healthcare professionals start with therapy in Roswell pinched nerve treatment method. At Apex Spine and Neurosurgery, they use minimally invasive methods. Medical practitioners use the best possible method suitable for the severity of the pinched nerve. They also assist patients in other parts of Georgia like Suwanee, Bethlehem, and Columbus. 

Symptoms of Pinched Nerve 

  • Sharp pain in the affected area.
  • Tingling and numbness.
  • “Pins and needles” sensation.
  • Muscle weakness or reduced reflexes.
  • Symptoms follow the nerve pathway.

Often doctors in Roswell suggest home remedies to avoid any surgical methods. These home remedies have helped many patients in reducing pain and numbness. 

Home Remedies to Treat Pinched Nerve 

  • Getting enough sleep speeds up nerve healing since the body heals itself while at rest. Sleep and rest are frequently sufficient for pinched nerve healing. 
  • Poor postures can worsen pinched nerves. Sit properly, use cushions when needed, and use ergonomic chairs, keyboards, mouse for long hours sitting as it helps in the healing process. 
  • Non-prescription NSAIDs like ibuprofen alleviate minor pinched nerve discomfort by reducing inflammation and swelling.
  • Yoga and light stretching help release stress, but avoid deep stretches that can worsen symptoms. Pain and stress are reduced by gentle massage, but avoid receiving deep tissue massages to prevent aggravation. 
  • Wearing a splint promotes nerve recovery and prevents injury, especially for pinched nerves in the hands and wrists. Using it at night helps you sleep better and avoid irritation.
  • Spinal pinched nerves are relieved by raising the legs at a 45° angle and placing pillows under the knees.
  • To reduce swelling and inflammation, switch between using hot and cold packs. Inflammation is reduced with 15 minutes of ice pack three times a day, but for pain treatment, use heat pads for up to an hour, three times per day.
  • Including low-impact exercises like walking, swimming, or cycling can improve fitness and reduce discomfort. Stretching preserves flexibility and lowers inflammation, while weight loss lessens nerve pressure.

Whether the pinched nerve condition is mild or severe, it is always wise to consult your healthcare professional in Roswell before undergoing any exercise or medication. Following any method can worsen your condition which may lead to lifelong problems. Hence, choose wisely and practice exercise under supervision. 

Ruby Sims