What is the procedure for using the Omnilux Contour LED Light Therapy?

Omnilux ContourTM is based on the most advanced light treatment technology from the industry leader, Omnilux MedicalTM, and has received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.

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What is the process for using the Omnilux Contour LED light therapy?

New collagen production is prompted, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, and sun damage and the outward manifestations of aging are mitigated thanks to combining two wavelengths of light with established therapeutic efficacy.

It’s a valid concern, but 40 clinical studies and almost 20 years of use have shown that Omnilux LED Red Light Therapy is completely risk-free, causing no discomfort to the patient and requiring zero recovery time.

  • All skin types can use the Omnilux ContourTM products safely and confidently, as they have received FDA approval for their efficacy.
  • All skin types can use Omnilux ContourTM without worry because it does not produce heat or UV radiation.
  • All Omnilux products, including those designed for use in the eyes, pass all relevant U.S. and international safety regulations.

How does one go about receiving this therapy?

The initial course of treatments recommended by Omnilux consists of three to five 10-minute sessions each week for 4-6 weeks, followed by maintenance sessions as needed.

Does the Omnilux Contour LED light face mask necessitate the use of eye protection?

In a word, no. There is no need to shield your eyes. However, you may wish to at first due to the intensity of the red light. In terms of medical device standards, Omnilux ContourTM has been evaluated and found to comply with IEC/EN 62471, the standard for protecting the eye from harmful light.

If you’re familiar with the Omnilux Medical professional system, how does it stack up against the Omnilux Contour LED light face mask?

While the output of the Omnilux Medical device is 105mW/cm2, the LEDs on the Omnlux Contour are closer to the skin and thus provide a higher concentration of light. Like shining a spotlight on a wall, the effect is stronger and brighter the closer you are to the target. Since the dosage administered during a Contour treatment is comparable to that administered with Omnilux Medical professional equipment, the outcomes are also comparable.

Can the Omnilux Contour LED light face mask be used without being tethered to an electrical socket, or does it require constant access to a power source?

The Omnilux Contour LED red light face mask is completely rechargeable and lightweight, allowing you to go wherever your day takes you. However, I advise you to proceed with caution as your field of vision may be impaired depending on where the mask rests on your face. I like to relax and bask in red and near-infrared light for my ten-minute meditation session. The controller has a built-in battery that can be recharged using a standard wall socket and lasts for another 140 minutes or 14 treatments.

When it comes to how often you can use your home gadget, is the User’s Guide recommendation of twice to thrice a week realistic?

There is no drawback to using it more regularly, so go ahead if you want to. A more frequent application, however, will not usually yield better or quicker benefits.

Does the Omnilux Contour LED face mask feature more than one LED light?

  • No other LED lighting option for the house can compare to the number of LEDs found in the Omnilux Contour.
  • The 66 bulbs of Contour Face’s lighting system house 132 LEDs (66 red and 66 infrared).
  • The 102 LEDs of the Contour Neck & Décolleté are housed in 54 bulbs (54 red and 54 infrared).
  • The Contour Glove contains 144 LEDs, split evenly between red and infrared light bulbs (72 total).

Why do people use LED light treatment, and what benefits does it provide for the skin?

LED light therapy uses a well-calibrated combination of light’s wavelength (color) and intensity (brightness) to facilitate the body’s inherent recovery processes.LED light acts on the skin’s cells, creating a chain reaction that improves various skin diseases.

Is there any evidence that LED light treatment is effective?

Yes. The contour devices from Omnilux have been approved by the FDA and shown in clinical trials to deliver professional outcomes. Yet, not every LED mask is the same. Some brands lack the strength and established effectiveness shown in clinical trials or by FDA approval.

After how long should you expect to see results from using LED light therapy?

A single treatment may help some people, while others need many or continuous sessions to feel better. Three to five treatments per week for four weeks is ideal, after which regular maintenance can be performed as needed.

Why do you need a face LED mask, and what benefits does the Omnilux Contour offer?

Omnilux ContourTM FACE minimizes the look of discoloration and redness in addition to fine lines and wrinkles. There is an increase in both stiffness and evenness of the skin. The Omnilux Contour LED light mask promises to provide you with a natural, radiant glow, but can you utilize it? Three to five treatments each week for four weeks is the Omnilux Contour program, followed by maintenance as needed. You can apply the mask as often as you’d like, but additional applications might not lead to better or faster outcomes.

What effects does red light have on the epidermis?

Using red light on your skin can help decrease inflammation and increase skin oxygenation.

Why is red light treatment helpful, exactly?

The use of red light treatment can lessen the impact of skin discoloration and redness. The skin’s tone and radiance are both enhanced.

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