A Buyer’s Guide: What Are the Differences Among Weed Seeds and What Should You Anticipate

When it comes to harvest, even a single weed plant can provide a sizable number of buds, so Order Weed Seeds you enjoy growing. When you buy something at the dispensary or smoke with friends, note the strains you like, and when you want to start growing your own, look for seeds of those strains.

If you’re new to growing, start with an easier strain because some strains are simpler to cultivate than others because they are more resistant to mildew and pests. Now let’s talk about the different strain types you want to cultivate.

1-Traditional Marijuana Seeds

Regular seeds come in a packet with a mixture of men and females if you purchase them. Because they haven’t been as extensively backcrossed—inbred—as feminized or autoflower seeds, many farmers choose to plant these.

The males must be discarded because they don’t form buds and will pollinate the females, resulting in seeded buds. Therefore, you must set out the seeds as their reproductive organs begin to show during the flowering phase.

2- Feminized Cannabis Seeds – What Are They?

As soon as the seeds are feminized, you can sow them directly in the ground to grow buds. Growing these seeds eliminates needing to sex out plants and discard the males because they are guaranteed to be bud-producing females.

Additionally, it lessens the possibility of a stray male accidentally pollinating your crop. One male can pollinate a sizable crop, prompting your females to concentrate on making seeds rather than buds.

3- What Are Cannabis Seeds That Autoflower?

Age, not a change in their light cycle, causes autoflower plants to transition from a vegetative to a blooming state. They grow quickly and can be harvested in as little as two and a half to three months after the seeds are planted.

Autoflower seeds are excellent for folks who want to produce cannabis but don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it because they are often less potent than regular seeds.

4- What Is The Price Of Marijuana Seeds?

Cannabis seeds often come in packs of 10 or 12, with prices per pack starting at around $40 and rising from there. Some premium genetics might cost anywhere from $200 to $500 per bundle.

Because greater breeding work went into producing feminized and autoflower seeds, they are more expensive and require less time for the grower to produce buds.

5- How Many Cannabis Seeds Do We Need To Purchase? Will They All Make It Out Alive?

Even if you purchase your seeds from a reliable breeder, some will only sprout when you grow a quantity. Always factor in about 1/4 of the total seeds you plant not to germinate or die off, or a few.

When developing ordinary seeds, some will not germinate, and some must be removed because they will emerge as males. Some gendered seeds won’t germinate, but because there aren’t any males, more of them will grow into flowering plants.

Start with roughly 9 or 10 seeds if you want six whole cannabis plants to produce buds, and use standard seeds. You will need to eliminate until you are left with the six best genotypes because some will not germinate, and some will develop into males.

The Bottom Line

Do you intend to order weed seeds from a retailer? Think about this advice and set reasonable expectations. Now that you’re familiar with the many marijuana variations, you’ve probably realized that it’s impossible to tell the gender of a cannabis plant by looking at the seed; the plant’s sex must first sprout and mature. Male plants only generate pollen, while only female plants produce buds.

Clare Louise