Essential Qualities That A LASIK Surgeon Must Possess!

Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis or LASIK for short is a kind of refractive surgery, to adjust the refractive error that is causing light to improperly bend inside your eye. This is treated with a medical grade, a special laser that can adjust the structure of the cornea, which is similar to a convex lens that is responsible for refracting the light in your eyes.

These surgeries are complicated and require a medical professional to possess additional qualities to qualify to perform a LASIK surgery. In this article, we have mentioned the set of criteria that a LASIK surgeon needs to qualify to have a successful surgery.

· Experience

It is important that your surgeon must have proper qualifications and certifications from legit medical institutions, it is equally important that the medical professional must have at least some experience in performing this eye surgery. The success rate is highly proportional to the years of experience a surgeon has.

Hence, to have successful eye surgery, the surgeon should have administered a considerable number of cases, so that they can accurately diagnose the problem properly and can perform the surgery accurately. Such a surgeon has more precision than one that is just starting their medical career.

So, in order to get hands-on experience, you can apply for an apprenticeship program under a renowned and experienced medical professional to gain essential experience before starting your practice.

· The Standard Of Technology In Use

LASIK treatment has been approved by medical agencies in many countries. However, with the advancement in technology, the results have been greatly improved. This procedure is much more reliable than before thanks to technology that can precisely rectify errors. With the use of powerful computational powers, highly advanced sensors and cameras, and sophisticated algorithms the diagnosis and surgery procedure have been greatly improved.

With highly advanced computers, every surgery and treatment can be tailor-made that can give an optimal result that will improve your eyesight. Therefore, the level of technology is among the important factors that improve the quality of a LASIK surgeon. Ensure that you, as a surgeon, have access to the best medical equipment to ensure that your patients will get better results.


· Supporting Staff Of The Surgeon

The success rate of a laser vision correction treatment greatly lies on the competence of the whole team performing the surgery. Therefore, as a professional surgeon, you must have a qualified and experienced team of nurses and supporting medical staff.

The medical staff will assist the main surgeon in carrying out the surgery in many ways. From maintaining a clean environment for the treatment and surgery, sanitizing, and disinfecting the medical equipment to following the instructions of the main surgeon during the surgery. All these things count for successful eye surgery.

· Availability

As a surgeon, you need to be available, accessible, and more approachable to your patients. If your patients feel that you are being reserved, then patients will be hesitant to come to you or even recommend you to their social circle. Additionally, if you are not approachable then the patient might not properly disclose their medical history or past records.

In the end, there is a possibility that you can make errors during the diagnosis, prescribe medicines, or prepare medical reports.

· Hospitality

Working in a hospital means that you need to have patience and good manners toward your patients. If you fail to provide a hospitable environment for your patients then there is a good probability that they will not return back to you for getting their treatment. Hence, in addition to being a good doctor, you need to be a good person first.

· Healthy Eyesight

How can a surgeon perform eye surgery if his or her own eyesight is improper?  Moreover, if a medical professional suffers from any medical conditions such as cataracts, amblyopia, or strabismus or they suffer from any corneal disorder then no such professionals should be allowed to perform LASIK.


Additionally, if the surgeon has recently contracted any kind of infection of the eyes or ocular herpes then according to the medical guidelines, such a surgeon is disqualified for performing LASIK.


There is so much more than a normal medical degree that makes you an excellent eye surgeon. Follow these things in your medical practice to develop and enhance the quality of your services and provide the best eyesight to your patients. That way you will not only get a satisfied patient, but apart from this, you will also get a lifelong marketer for you.

Chuck Clark