What Happens If Missing Teeth Are Not Replaced?

Did you realize that ignoring tooth loss issues could put your general health at risk? Along with just a lovely smile is made possible by our teeth. The arrangement, quality, and placement of our teeth influence the condition of our mouths.

However, whether the tooth is lost due to an accident, disease, or decay, there may be catastrophic consequences that cannot be undone and so it is crucial that we get help from a Winnipeg dentist.

See how failing to repair lost teeth could harm your mental and physical well-being.

  • Enhanced Infection Risk

An illness or inflammation of the gums and mouth may cause a lost tooth. This illness has the potential to become systemic and spread to other parts of the body well before the tooth is removed.

  • Jawbone and Gum Degeneration

The jawbone and gums may deteriorate as a result of missing teeth. The gum line’s supporting tissues benefit from our teeth’s maintenance of their health. In fact, the jawbone is stimulated by the tooth’s roots. When a tooth is lost, the body starts to reabsorb the bone tissue, which results in jaw and oral bone loss.

  • Serious Bone Loss

Once it comes to losing teeth, bone disintegration is a concern that cannot be reversed. To support and stop bone resorption, our jawbone must frequently be stimulated by the teeth. Strong bone mass is necessary to keep the mouth from sliding inward and impairing our capacity to chew food and speak and maintain the teeth in place.

  • Alignment Issues with Other Teeth

Occlusion is the term used to describe the interaction between our bottom and upper teeth. Our teeth grow in concert with one another. Some of the remaining teeth change from their original positions when one tooth is lost due to the other teeth shifting out of alignment. 

  • Your Teeth Become More Chipped

As the teeth begin to bend, this dislocation of the teeth still there becomes a prevalent dental care issue. Both enamel cracking and severe tooth deterioration can result from this. Besides the potential health problems, this may lead to overcrowding and tougher maintenance of the teeth. Not to mention how your grin will change, which will have an aesthetic effect. 

  • Enhanced Chance of Tooth Decay

The higher risk of tooth decay associated with missing teeth is frequently disregarded. The teeth start to shift and move as they try to fill the gap. The shifting of the teeth may cause the remaining teeth to become overcrowded or overlap. This makes it challenging to brush and floss the remaining teeth. 

Christenson Pitcher