Understand the Pros and Cons of Invisalign- Make the Right Choice

People, who are not born with aligned teeth or who have met with an accident and got their teeth misaligned, may feel that they don’t have a good smile. They may feel low self-esteem all the time and hence, start to stay away from the crowd. The good news is that they can take advantage of Ardsley Invisalign and get their teeth aligned in a few weeks only. It is a good idea to get in touch with your dentist, who can educate you on the procedure to achieve the desired goals.

Advantages of Invisalign

It is strongly recommended to understand why this option has gained more popularity than ever before. Some of the reasons are elaborated on below:


Traditional braces are very uncomfortable because the sharp metal and irritating brackets make it hard for the person. On the other hand, Invisalign offers complete comfort to the person because they are made up of smooth and BPA-free plastic.  It makes your life much easier than ever before.

No need to visit your dentist frequently 

One reason why you should go for Invisalign is that you don’t need to visit your dentist quite often.  If a person has traditional braces, he has to visit the dentist for the tightening and adjustment of the wires. On the other hand, Invisalign does not require all of these and you can change them yourself.

Cons of Invisalign

It is significant to learn about the disadvantages that come with it. Some of them are discussed below:

May not be the right option

Before making up your mind to wear Invisalign, you should be aware of the fact that they are not for everyone. Your dentist will give you advice on whether you should go for them or not depending on your oral condition. This is because, it may not be the right option for severe misalignment.

Treatment is hampered 

Since it is easy to take out Invisalign, you might find that the wearer does not wear it all the time. to get better results, they must be worn properly and for at least 22 hours. It has been observed that the person takes them out more often and hence, treatment may be hampered.

After carefully assessing all your options, you should make the right decision and also follow the instructions of your dentist. He can check your oral health and opt for the most suitable treatment. 

Prince Burnette