Difference Between Physiotherapy and Exercising

We understand you have been at the gym since quite some time now and you have no idea why your family doctor has been telling you to visit a good physiotherapist, the truth is that the regular exercises you do at the gym are far different than the physiotherapist exercises you do under the guidance of a proper professional. This is why names like Integral Performance physio are so popular in their field as they help their patients get rid of all the strain, stress, pain and discomfort they have been going through. Such sessions are taken by people especially with prolonged pain in different parts of their body.

If you are unaware of the difference between physiotherapy and exercising, here are some points that are going to help you understand the same:

  • Physiotherapy targets specific parts of the body whereas exercising targets the body as a whole: While you focus on the “upper body” or “lower body” or “mid-body” when you are working out at the gym, you focus on “knee” or “shoulder” or “back”, etc. when it comes to physiotherapy. Such sessions are very much part and pain specific and thus, they are very different the regular exercises you do.
  • Physiotherapy sessions are done under the guidance of a medical professional compulsorily whereas exercising can be performed on your own as well: You can never perform physiotherapy sessions on your own. You would definitely need someone to assist you to help you target the pain in that specific part of your body that’s leading to so much of discomfort. On the other hand, this is not the case with the ordinary exercises.
  • Physiotherapy is a bit expensive process whereas exercising can be done at home without any supervision: Unless you are searching for Integral Performance physio and other such names that are not only good in their physiotherapy services, but also affordable, most of the professionals in this field are expensive than the fee you pay at the gym. This is because their sessions are guided and they use their experience and skills to help you with the pain. This means you pay the doctor for their skills and guidance. At the gym, you usually pay for the equipment you use, unless you hire a personal trainer which is an additional expense.

Depending upon the need of your body you must select whether you have to go for a physiotherapy session or an exercising one.

Chuck Clark