Avoid Common Oral Health Problems with Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dental care aims to help you prevent common oral health issues so that you can keep a healthy smile for life. It involves instruction, treatment, and following the practice of keeping a regular oral hygiene routine. Most oral health problems are caused due to plaque which is an invisible layer of bacterial germs in the mouth. Plaque sticks to the gums and teeth and produces an acid by using sugar.  Over time, this acid damages your gums and enamel and can solidify as tartar.

What does the preventive dental treatment include?

Practicing good dental hygiene at home and ensuring that you visit your dentist for preventive care every six months ensures that your teeth remain healthy throughout the year. A patient who receives preventive dental treatment does everything to guard mouth against all kinds of oral illnesses and maintain their healthy smiles for life.

These activities include:

  • Using fluoride-containing toothpaste every day.
  • Flossing after brushing.
  • Eating a nutritious diet.
  • Scheduling routine dental examinations and cleanings.

Where to get preventive dental care?

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Types of preventive dental services and treatment

Preventive dentistry treatment services allow your dentist to check your dental health, encourage healthy habits, prevent new diseases through several treatment options, and identify early warning signs of oral health issues. This gives enough time for you and the dentist to identify, treat and avoid any dental issues.

There are 5 main types of preventive dentistry services.

Oral examinations

During an oral examination, the dentist performs a thorough oral examination which could involve any of the following:

  • Oral cancer screening: Inspect your neck, throat, tongue, gums, face, lips, and tissues to look for any signs of oral or throat cancer.
  • Diagnostic x-rays: To look for cysts, tumors, decay, and bone loss or even to locate tooth roots and teeth during operations.
  • Checking for gum diseases: To look for signs of periodontal disease in the gums and surrounding bone.
  • Examining current restorations: Checking your fillings, crowns, and implants to look for any possible defects.

Teeth cleanings

Plaque can be removed at home by regularly cleaning and flossing your teeth. Tartar removal, however, may be done by a dentist. This is why it becomes important to visit a good Rancho Bernardo dental clinic for your regular teeth cleaning every six months.

The dentist will also remove calculus or tartar. Tartar is calcified plaque that accumulates on the tooth’s surface. It typically develops below or above the gum line and can be cleaned only with specialized dental equipment. Further, teeth polishing when performed by a skilled dentist helps remove plaque and stains from the teeth to make them look cleaner.

Dental sealants

Dental sealants are invisible plastic coverings that are applied on the surface of the rear teeth that are mostly used for chewing. It is recommended for both kids and adult patients who may require to protect their teeth from bacteria and food particles that cause tooth decay. When applied correctly, dental sealants can protect your teeth from getting deteriorated.

The application of dental sealants takes just 30 to 60 minutes. Your teeth will be completely cleaned by the dentist using air abrasion to remove stains and the tooth surface is abraded to ensure that the sealant bonds perfectly on the surface.

Mouthguards for Athletes

Mouthguards provide the highest level of protection to athletes. It is customized according to your tooth and gum contours. It also softens the blow if you are struck in the face during a game or practice.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride strengthens teeth through remineralization in which minerals bind to eroding regions of the tooth enamel. It also keeps away bacteria from giving out acids and stops tooth decay. A fluoride treatment is a cost-effective approach to keeping your teeth healthy so you can avoid expensive dental procedures in the future.

Preventive dental care should not be ignored. Visit the best Rancho Bernardo dentistry to maintain your oral health and wellness as you become old. This would save you time, money, and unnecessary discomfort by avoiding potential dental issues.

Ruby Sims