Who is Gastroenterologist – Everything To Know About This Expert 

A gastroenterologist is a person who specializes in everything related to the liver, stomach, and digestive tract. A gastroenterologist is The person you should visit whenever you feel heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, cirrhosis, and many other issues. The physicians suggest you visit the gastroenterologist when they cannot resolve your digestive problems. 

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Working Mechanism 

A gastroenterologist is an expert in everything related to digestion, gastrointestinal motility, nutrient absorption, etc. When a patient visits them, they will first analyse the problems related to the stomach, esophagus, bile ducts, liver, small intestine, colon, rectum, gallbladder, pancreas, and stomach. 

Visit the gastroenterologist at the right time. Here are some conditions that require immediate attention of a gastroenterologist.  

  • You have severe cases of heartburn or cannot withstand the pain caused by stomach-burning sensation. 
  • Your physician is not able to detect the actual cause of your stomach ache. 
  • The symptoms are getting worse day by day. 
  • You find something unusual in your stool, such as blood, black stools, etc. 

When a person crosses the age of 45, they are strictly advised to visit the gastric experts every year for regular checkup. Some people with a history of gastric problems in their family or carcinoma history are suggested to visit gastroenterologists for routine checkup. 

Pediatric Gastroenterologist 

As the name says, this person specializes in everything related to gastroenterology in children. Children suffer from various liver and stomach issues as they grow up, and such little patients can take the help of pediatric gastroenterologists. 

Diagnosing the Problem of Gastroenterology 

Here are some tests conducted to understand the underlying issue in the stomach. 

  • Endoscopy 

This is a procedure where a device is inserted from the mouth down the esophagus to check the condition of the digestive system. 

  • Colonoscopy 

As the name says, this is the procedure where a little tube with a camera is sent through the colon inside the stomach to check the condition of small and large intestines. 

These are the most preferred procedures for discovering abnormalities inside the body and detecting the development of tumor inside the stomach or liver. 

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