Newborn Care Tips for Parents in McKinney

Being blessed with a baby can be a magical experience. At the same time, it can be pretty scary for first-time parents as they are not very sure how to handle the situation. As adorable as they are, the truth is, babies can be pretty challenging. If you are a first-time parent and are looking for some newborn tips, we are here to help you. While these tips can be of some use, we still recommend that you get in touch with a professional for McKinney newborn care advice.

Feed your baby regularly:

It doesn’t really matter whether you are breastfeeding or giving your baby formula, you should try to feed your newborn baby in a regular manner. It is important to note that it is after three days after colostrum that breast milk starts to appear. Make sure to see a lactation specialist if any issue comes up. Try to provide 8-12 feeds every 2-4 hours. For detailed information, see a specialist. Also, it is quite common for babies to burp after feeding. Additionally, as the babies grow older, the portion increases, but they are to be fed less frequently. 

Sleep when your baby sleeps:

It is always a good idea to sleep when your baby sleeps. Moreover, when the babies are below the age of 1, it is advised that you put them to bed on their backs to reduce SIDS risk. In terms of how much they sleep, it can range between 16-17 hours; they might wake up in between to feed and change. If the sleep schedule of the baby gets too mixed up, it is best to wake the baby up during daytime naps. You can follow a bedtime routine to get the baby accustomed to the proper routines. You can try playing with them or can even read or sing to them. 

Bathe the baby properly:

Try not to go overboard with the bathing. Maintain hygiene, but you do not need to bathe them after changing diapers each time. You can also try using sponge baths. To do this, all you need to do is dampen the cloth a little in water mixed with soap and clean them. Be sure to apply moisturizer, preferably petroleum jelly.

Final thought:

Finally, try not to take advice from anyone and everyone. If necessary, consult a newborn specialist near you. 

Chuck Clark