Common dental emergencies: Top things to know

Nothing is worse than a throbbing toothache. While you are probably regular with your appointments with the dentist, some situations are just inherently different. There are trusted clinics that offer urgent dental care in Scottsdale, and you need to call one in an emergency. In this post, we share details related to common dental emergencies and how to deal with each.


Pain in a tooth could be a sign of numerous dental diseases, including infection of the tooth pulp and lodging of food between two teeth. Call the dental clinic immediately and take the following steps –

  1. Apply a cold compress for immediate relief
  2. Take an over-the-counter painkiller

Cracked/chipped tooth

You may have a cracked or chipped tooth due to multiple reasons, including hard biting. People with conditions like grinding teeth are more likely to face such emergencies. Visit the dentist, and until you reach the place, take these steps –

  1. Preserve tooth fragments (if any) in a glass/box of water or milk
  2. Apply gauze if there is bleeding

Avulsed teeth

If one or more of your teeth have been knocked out due to an accident or injury, call the clinics immediately for emergency dental care. Take these steps until you reach –

  1. Try to keep the tooth in the socket if possible
  2. If the tooth is entirely out of the mouth, place it back in the socket and bite down
  3. If the second point is not viable, store the tooth in a glass of milk  

Missing/Loose dental crown

Dental restorations can become loose or fall out due to years of use. If you don’t fix the crown or get a new filling, the affected tooth may be susceptible to injuries and breakage. Call your dentist and seek an urgent appointment, and until then, take these steps –

  1. Keep the crown/bridge safe in a clean condition
  2. Do not try to fix the appliance on your own
  3. Don’t poke the affected tooth

Final word

If you have any dental condition that needs attention, check with a dentist immediately. Keep in mind that most emergencies need professional care, and it is best to have the contact number of your clinic on your phone at all times. Injuries often happen during holidays, and you shouldn’t wait to seek medical attention. Any damage to the jawbone, teeth, or gums must be treated by an experienced dentist who can focus on comprehensive care. The dental clinic should have the essential facilities to offer emergency care.

Christenson Pitcher