6 facts worth knowing before you step in for sclerotherapy

Doctor performs sclerotherapy for varicose veins on the legs, varicose vein treatment, copy space

If you have spider or varicose veins, your doctor may recommend sclerotherapy as the first line of treatment. Spider veins are usually a cosmetic issue, while varicose veins can cause pain. Both are usually seen in the legs, although one can have vein conditions anywhere on the body. In this post, you will learn more about six essential facts about sclerotherapy.

  • Sclerotherapy is minimally invasive: Sclerotherapy involves injecting a particular foamy solution into the targeted veins using fine needles. The solution triggers the vein walls and causes treated veins to collapse. Blood is naturally rerouted through other veins, while the spider/varicose veins become scar tissues and are removed from the body naturally.
  • Don’t expect instant results: While some patients see evident results with sclerotherapy, it can take at least a few sessions to reduce the appearance of targeted veins. It can require a few weeks for these veins to disappear entirely. Your doctor will discuss the number of sclerotherapy treatments you need.
  • There is no downtime: You can go home immediately after sclerotherapy. You will need to walk after the session, which can take up to an hour. However, you may have to wait at least two weeks before you can get back to strenuous exercise.
  • You won’t experience pain: You may feel a pinch and some burning as the needle is used on the targeted areas, but sclerotherapy is not painful. You may also have some redness, swelling, and tenderness at the injection site for the next few days. Do not use hot compresses, and avoid the medications as suggested by your doctor.
  • You will need compression stockings: Your doctor will recommend wearing compression stockings for two weeks after each sclerotherapy session. You can buy them online or from a store near you. Also, ensure that you adhere to other instructions related to the treatment.
  • Sclerotherapy is more than just a cosmetic treatment: While aesthetic concerns are common reasons to seek sclerotherapy, the treatment can also help patients with pain and discomfort concerning varicose veins. The treatment is effective and extremely simple.

In conclusion

If you are going for sclerotherapy, don’t shave your legs for two days before the procedure, and don’t use a lotion on the day of the treatment. Also, it is best to avoid tanning beds and sun exposure for the next two weeks. Your doctor will also explain additional risks, if any, along with steps to follow after a session. 

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